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Light The Path - JAN 20th

This class was orginally recorded Friday, January 20th 11am-12pm EST. Due to the power failure in NY, we didn't get the word out in time for people to listen live.

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Today's Guest: Nancy Boyd
Phone: 1-888-833-1725
E-Mail: nancy@daytoppers.com

Overview: Healing is a natural process, not simply an event. When you learn what the process is, you can engage with it deeply to heal yourself and others. You will learn in this class a better understanding of:

* Life Force and how we shape its movement in the pattern of our thoughts, feelings
and actions
* How to establish a co-creative relationship with Nature for ultimate manifestation
and synchronicity
* Tools to make it all easier (flower essences, Liquid Smudge, Life Coaching, among
others)emotional, and soul bodies related to trauma, stress, and dis-ease.

Nancy's websites...

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Thanks again for making living fully your passion...

Contact Info
Dr. Mark Filippi
e-mail - addchiro@mindspring.com
v-mail- (914) 833-3388

Bob Fanelli, M.S.
e-mail - balyfanelli@optonline.net
v-mail- (914)834-6802

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for having me on the call. It was great fun.

Afterwards, I realized that there were a couple of areas we didn't cover in as much depth as we could have (which is what the space for comments is for, right?)

Let me take a moment to address a couple of them right now. (If you want more info than this you probably need a consultation with me!)

First, the practical stuff:

What can parents do with children who are having trouble with "the system" -- or exhibiting symptoms similar to ADD/ADHD, allergic responses to food and/or environment, etc.?

The first answer is to use common sense! Remove that which appears to stimulate the unwanted response, first, where possible, so that the conditions do not repeatedly aggravate or accumulate stress over time.

Next, look at what environment the child is being asked to negotiate: what is it like? I invite parents (and teachers)to think about whether there is any value to constant stimulation in the environment through sound, visuals, and other stressors.

The fact that we humans (and other living creatures) are bombarded constantly with microwave vibrations, electrical circuitry for all our myriad appliances, and noise pollution, makes the world a very jarring place for anyone, let alone a young human being with extra-sensors tuned to higher vibrational pitches. It's too much to ask! Remove as much stimuli as you can, to help their little circuits cope better.

Next, provide healthy nutrition (in case you need a refresher course about it, this would not be any form of fast foods such as burgers, fries, sodas, sugar and such.)

Feed plenty of home-cooked and fresh foods that contain few if any additional chemicals are absolutely necessary -- in most cases that is going to mean organic and non-GMO foods.

The systems of the Universal Kids -- the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems within them -- just will not tolerate anything less -- even if they say they MUST have it because "everyone else does."

Your child may also require additional supplementation, especially with "greens". Get the most organically-based supplements you can, because (I repeat myself here deliberately) their systems simply do not tolerate additives or chemicals well. Do not be surprised if they exhibit allergic responses to substances (either/or foods or environmental.)

Think of it this way. Your child, in energetic ways, is more like a Jaguar or Ferrari than a Ford or Chevy; you are not going to be able to drive it on regular gas. The machine requires "high-test" fuel and extra care in order to function at its best -- or at all. Junk food and high stimulation is like putting sand in the gas tank. (Get it now???)

On the other hand, put these children in an environment that is quiet, with tools and toys that provide for self-exploration and exploration of their world and the Universe; that engages and teaches with collaborative methods in respectful interactions with others; invite them to articipate in any solutions that are needed so that they can learn to be response-able; challenge them to USE what they know and to grow it, so that who they are is validated and encouraged; coach them (and teach them to coach themselves and others); acknowledge and support their gifts, whether you personally value them or not; speak to them respectfully and truthfully from the heart -- and watch them blossom and thrive.

Of course nothing is ever THIS simple, but it's certainly the place to start, for these children and probably for ALL kids.

Next: working co-creatively with Life Force and Nature. There is a lot to say about these topics, but what I want most to say is that Nature is responsible for bringing ideas into Form. Whenever there is an idea, it is Nature that actually brings that idea into third dimensional reality. (And you thought it was the power of your brilliant mind, didn't you!)

Now, I know many people who struggle to manifest their ideas, and part of the struggle always seems to be about a sense of isolation or "lack of support" in some way. To me, this is just nuts!

The Universe is nothing if not abundant -- and constantly expanding. There is more than "enough" for anything and everything.

The problem is us; we don't "get it", so. . . we don't get it!

Sorry to sound to enigmatic -- I guess these are complex ideas.

For now, let's make it as simple as possible. The natural world is our invisible support system that makes all that we wish to create possible. Nature is extremely intelligent -- and conscious.

Humans can -- and MUST, really -- co-create with Nature, if there is to be full harmony, and if the Life Force is to move through all things with ease. Light is Life. Want more life? Get more light. For that, we need Nature.

With that, I must be about my day. May the (Life) Force be with you always!

Yours for joyous exploration of our Universe in all its dimensions and possibility,

Nancy Boyd
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